Today's Emergency Alert System

HelpWatch makes aging in-place safe and secure by integrating an elegant wrist watch with our scalable, cloud data analytics platform.

Fashionable. Innovative. 

Designed just for you.

Ugly hardware is a thing of the past.

Today's seniors are active on the internet. They have email, smartphones, and they connect on social media.  They don't need and don't want a stigmatizing piece of plastic around their necks in the supposed name of safety.



They want something better.

HelpWatch offers two-way communication, heart-rate monitoring, true mobile safety, gps location, and meaningful user engagement without anyone else knowing your residents are wearing personal emergency response devices.

The data we collect is captured in a web application customized for your facility.  Your caretakers can easily manage user accounts and settings and anticipate safety and health needs.

Our solution keeps your residents safer and provides your facility with a competitive edge as a leader in the growing senior care marketplace.



The hardware we employ is cutting edge and fashionable.  The software we deploy is elegant, effective, and robust.


Health and safety features work everywhere cellular networks do, plus anywhere with a WiFi connection.


Our ability to deliver  dependable technology with a passion for your residents will create the future of senior living.


All-day battery life for active senior living.


Our team consists of senior care experts, science and math PhDs, and experienced software developers.  Our advisory board members represent almost 70 years of experience in the healthcare industry.  We are driven by our passion for making aging in place easier and more secure for a generation that has worked hard to get to where they are.  We believe this passion is aligned with your mission to provide safe, modern facilities for senior living. 


The "state-of-the-art" in personal emergency response and institutional emergency response has not advanced in 15 years.  In the meantime, senior citizens have gotten comfortable with broadband internet, social media, and smart phones.  We believe in a future without stigma, where seniors can feel safe and secure wherever they are without the whole world knowing that they have a personal emergency response device.  (Because they don't...they have a HelpWatch, a platform that won't fail them.)


Our team has built technology systems for finance, science, energy, and e-commerce.  We use the best hardware and we power it with cutting edge software.  Everything we build is connected to our cloud data analytics platform.  Whatever your needs are we can build a solution to support them.